Monday, November 14, 2011


Luh-hoo-zuh-her. I am so glad that last week is over. I was such a loser. I was sick to my stomach all week. Each morning I would wake up thinking that I was over it, but alas, I was not. I'm still not completely well, but my body has no choice. I'm not going to be sick anymore. I got absolutely NOTHING done, and on top of that, I was mother of the year (again). Actually, I am being a little bit hard on myself. I did accomplish some things. (Don't be jealous that I was so productive even when I was sick.)

1) I successfully went a full week without washing my hair. That's a LONG time. Even for me. Even the hubs said I had reached my all time greasiness.

2) I accidentally made a payment using an account that we don't use. Yup. Thirteen HUNDRED dollars overdrawn. I'm sure the bank totally bought my story. I don't care if they did. I told them if they didn't remove the overdraft fees we were switching banks. I can still be sassy, even when I'm sick. (Big loss for them, I'm sure, since we hardly use the account.)

3) I think I wore the same PINK lounge pants for five days straight. Not as cool as my greasy hair, but still an accomplishment.

4) I put Stella down for a nap, but I think only one of us napped. I found her having a good time in her crib. With no diaper. And wet sheets. She was putting on her pajama pants commando. The diaper she took off was still completely dry. (Does that count as waking up dry?)

5) I didn't cook and couldn't have even if I would have had the strength to do so. I've never seen our fridge so bare.

See? Who said you can't get anything done when you're sick. I managed to be sick, be a great mom, and look fabulous doing it! (I made you kind of jealous, didn't I?)
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  1. We all have our moments like this. Don't worry about it. I wold just be glad that it's over and here's to a fresh start!

  2. Glad you are doing a little better!
    I have a blue chair that I love too, but I wish I had cool looking luggage, I love that!

  3. O No! Hope you have a much better week! Feel better!


  4. Hope you are feeling better! I once made a payment online using bill pay and I accidently applied the amount of our credit card bill to our water would have been like paying for our water for the next three years...and I wasn't even sick. :)


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