Monday, November 21, 2011

One for Me, One for You

I absolutely love the look of two twin beds for a kid's room. LOVE it.  And, quite frankly, I'd take any one of these beds.  Actually, I'd take any two of these beds.  They are all fabulous!
Okay, complete change in subject...(What? Don't act like I never do that.) Can you even believe Thanksgiving is on Thursday?  It's practically Christmas already.  And, what I REALLY can't believe is that my little Stella is going to be TWO on Wednesday (sniff, sniff).  Before I know it, she's going to have a room with two beds having sleep overs with her buddies.  I can't handle it.  (That's right, I always loop back around, and it all ties in at the end of the post!)
image source unknown
image from Bear Hill Interiors
image from Pottery Barn

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  1. OH I love them all! I have two boys and someday hope they will want to share a room so I can do 2 twin beds! The hubs is totally against that!



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