Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Completely Functional

Know what I do a lot of? Wash sheets. Know what I really don't like to do? Wash sheets. I like to get up in the morning and make the beds. But, Little Miss is still in pull ups at night, and quite frankly, I think she has the largest bladder in the world, because when she goes, she REALLY goes. Sometimes the pull-up contains it, sometimes the sheets need a washin'. My point with all this bladder and pee pee talk is that if I just had two beds, I could really just save myself some time. More accurately, I'd save Stella from sleeping on her bed without sheets when I forget to take the sheets out of the washer. And, let's be honest, two beds is just about the cutest thing ever. And functional. Completely functional.
image from Anne Hepfer
image from Garnet Hill 
image from Amy of Maison Decor via Houzz


  1. I feel your pain! Washing sheets is one of my least favorite chores...but for a while I did it nearly every day. Thank goodness Kiddo is past that phase. Clearly Pull-ups have a capacity, and he exceeded it on a regular basis. Two beds is a brilliant idea!


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