Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Doubly Delightful

I never shared a room until I went to college. I didn't mind sharing a room in college, but I'm glad I didn't share a room as a child. No offense to any of my siblings, I'm just very particular. I like things a certain way. Luckily, my husband usually goes along with my "certain ways."

Even if my own kids never share a room, I love the idea of having two twin beds. Nothing like a sleepover when everyone gets their own bed! And, as always, more than function, I love the way it looks! How fabulous are those beds by Coldwell Flake?
image from Coldwell Flake

image from Little Inspirations

image from Domino


  1. I LOVE the ropes on the top picture!

  2. i love the ropes!!! i have an idea of how i want my boys room to be when we move. it has ropes involved. hopefully it all pans out. i never shared a room but i think it would be so fun and way too much fun to decorate.

  3. I love the idea of two beds too, even if we only have one girl! Now I just need to get Tony on board! We are actually planning on having a hanging bed on our porch, but probably a full size, I think I might move out there when it's done!


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