Friday, February 18, 2011

Three Easy Upgrades

Barbara Corcoran, expert realtor, joined Nate Berkus to share three easy upgrades. Though the upgrades suggested are minimal, it provides an appealing space and could potentially increase the value of your home by 7-8 percent. Finally, a justification for my addiction, I mean improvements. It's simple math, really. Here they are:

1) Rearrange Furniture
Create a room that flows with simple floor plan readjustments.

2) Focus on Lighting
Brighten the room by replacing dark, heavy drapes with a lighter alternative. Add table top and floor lamps for additional lighting options. Floor lamps can also serve as a room anchor.

3) Add Accessories and Artwork
Hang photos and artwork at eye level for maximum appreciation.
image from Studio Ten 25
image from Pottery Barn
image from Charm Home

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  1. Where were you when I was selling my house? This is great advice - I love your website. So glad you stopped by mine so I could discover yours!! I'm your newest follower.


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