Wednesday, April 13, 2011

[color kreyv]: Red

It's been said that red is associated with love, passion, blood, aggression, anger, energy, strength, and power. Regardless of what is says to you, there is one thing for sure: Red is a very emotionally intense color, and it definitely gets attention! I have never been one to shy away from attention, but I'm not a red person.
We have four red things in our house: my red trench, my red stilettos, Stella's red peasant shirt, and Stella's red dress. That's it (not counting the ketchup in the fridge). Jeremy and I have the wrong complection, and well, Stella wears whatever I like (at least for now). I did wear a red dress to my Senior Ball...every girl wants to be "The Lady in Red," right? But, let's be honest, that was years ago, and I didn't analyze everything to death back then! Or, perhaps I was a little bit more tan, which is more likely to be the case!
I don't hate red. I admire people who can wear red lipstick, red heels are in a category all to themselves, and I like these red rooms. I think the key to a great red room is to go with a shade that leans more toward orange than purple. It looks clean and sophisticated...on other people! 
image from Elle Decor
image from Elle Decor
image from Sara Bengur


  1. We have red couches and I love them!

  2. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! A Delta Rabbit Cheerleader who doesn't like red???? I am so disappointed! I thought we were all "Ladies in red!" :)
    I love the look of the red cupboards!


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