Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun Size?

I have never liked that miniature candy bars are referred to as "fun size." What's fun about a teeny, tiny piece of chocolate? What's fun about eating WAY too many, and then having to look at all of the individual wrappers? King size candy bars, now that's fun size.

Do you all realize that these occasional chairs are miniature? So obsessed. They are all from Restoration Hardware, and they range from five to twelve hundred dollars a piece. That's some serious cash to drop on a "fun size" chair.
all images from Restoration Hardware


  1. Ouch! That IS a lot of dough!

  2. Amen, sister, when it comes to the "fun size" candy bars. I've always scoffed at that term in reference to the little ones since I was a little girl. The king-size ones are definitely what I consider "fun sized!"

  3. I've always wanted a pair of matching "fun size" chairs for my kid's playroom but am hesitant because of the price!

    My banner looks great! Thanks for getting that up there. :)

  4. Stopping by from SITS. Maybe they are called fun size because it's more fun to eat a ton of them. I dunno . . . anyway, those chairs are darling. I wouldn't ever buy one that expensive though. Doesn't last long enough, just like one fun size candy bar.

  5. How CUTE! I would love to put a mini chair in Camden's room... eventually of course. Maybe because now I'm wishing I had a miniature chair in my bedroom growing up...


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