Friday, April 8, 2011

[kreyv of the day]

image from Simcoe Street


  1. A client of mine has the crib and it is as amazing in person!

  2. Hi jamie,

    i absolutely love your blog! you have wonderful ideas.

    so i found your cute alphabet framed art on eighteen25 and i was wondering where you got your frame for that?? i love it! and also i am going to copy your white spray painted pears. and i love that glass jar you have. and was wondering where you got that as well??

    thanks for sharing all your beautiful decorating tips!

    amy h.

  3. @Amy H. I'm so glad you found my blog! The frame for the alphabet art is from Michael's. The glass vase with the white pears in it is from Pier 1. It is actually an apothecary jar.

  4. How soothing is this room. And I love the chandelier hanging above the crib. Thanks for the week of baby adorableness!


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