Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stay Awhile, Why Dontcha?

I have the gift of gab. I just do. It's the combination of loving to talk to people and not being able to stand any pause or awkward silence in a conversation. Take, for example, the conversations that happened just today.

Phil. Phil is our pest control guy. He's really great. He uses green products, so it is completely safe. I know all about it. I also know that mulch attracts termites, water attracts ants, and that when there is more moisture, insects reproduce more. I also know that Phil has been using LinkedIn, and he's really a big fan. Nice guy. How do I know this? He spent 45 minutes at my house today. We're tight like that, and he's coming back in about a week.

Maintenance Guy. I am so horrible for not knowing this guy's name, yet. It's too late to ask him his name, now (again). I'll just have to ask the office. Anyway, he, too, is a very nice guy. We always have good conversations. Lately, he's been having a hard time with Noah's baseball career. Noah is his eight year old son. Maintenance Guy was also at my house for 45 minutes. He and Phil overlapped for about ten minutes. Yes, I had a houseful.

Dr. Dripps. By the time I actually got to see the doctor today, I really wasn't in the mood to chit chat. I waited for an hour and a half before I got to see the guy. But, still, I know that he, too, had a stem cell transplant. His was in 1983. He is dual certified in internal medicine and pediatrics, but private practice was just too much for him, so now he is with a group that just sees adults.

Erik. Erik is our next door neighbor. Jeremy, Stella, and I were outside playing when Erik got home. I learned that he is really into biking, both road and mountain. If I want to get into biking, he recommended a hybrid bike. That way I can ride it wherever I want. Erik has three bikes. I learned this and so much more from our 20 minute conversation. Jeremy didn't feel the need to have a conversation. He just told the guy to "take it easy" and that was that.

I can't get away with just three words. It just wouldn't feel right. Mom, I blame you for my inability to end a conversation. Speaking of ending a conversation, would ya look at the size of this post? I gotta go. Take it easy.
image from Kara Mann

image from Samantha Farjo

image from Sarah Richardson


  1. Ha! I too inherited the gift of gab from my mom. My husband frequently comments, "Honey, I think she just wanted to know if you wanted more water ... you didn't have to explain all the reasons why you are 'so thirsty' and how busy you were all afternoon." We're just friendly like that! :)

  2. I am the exact opposite. I try to avoid conversation with people I don't know if at all possible. I, too, blame that on my mother. She was that way when she was younger. I love the pictures at the end! I'm watching HGTV as I write this comment. Love that network. :)

  3. Stopping by from SITS. Thanks from your comment on my blog today!

  4. I always feel like Im interrogating someone if I ask more than a question or two. Im a terrible at small talk. I really wish I had the gift of gab. Cute post.

    visiting from SITS


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