Thursday, June 2, 2011

[reader request]: Displaying Kids' Art

We all love a new masterpiece or two from our budding artist children, but sometimes our refrigerators and other display areas get a little out of control! That only drives us to be sneaky and "file" the artwork at the very bottom of the trash can where it will, hopefully, never be found! You know you've done it before! You can't keep everything, but don't worry. I found some great solutions for your favorite artwork!
Kellie, one of my gal pals from St. Louis requested a post on displaying kids' artwork. She wanted to find a solution that wasn't too casual. While framing kids' work looks great, it's sometimes not realistic to keep it up to date when you are getting new masterpieces on a daily basis! I found these solutions that I love. They are easy to change, and they look clean and organized, keeping with the tone of one's home. I love the idea from Urban Cottage Living--using curtain rods and clips. You could do three rows of these (or maybe one rod for each child) and have an entire art wall! Kellie, thanks for your request, hope this gives you inspiration!
image from Urban Cottage Living
image from Mondo Cherry

image from The Stir
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  1. I Love It! I was all set to do clipboards, but after seeing the curtain rode, I think I might do that instead. Thanks!

  2. those are cute. i have a string that runs across one of the walls in the kitchen and my son's masterpieces are hung with decorative clothes pins. looks not bad at all. every time he draws or paints something, he says "up" and is very proud when he sees his pictures go up

  3. Where do you find ring clips? With the curtains & curtain rods?

  4. Yes, they are with the curtains/curtain rods.


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