Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[color kreyv]: Beige

Beige. I'm not going to lie, it kind of sounds boring. It's actually one of my favorite neutrals, though. It gives you so much freedom to accent the room with any other color(s) your little heart desires. It also gives you the option of changing your heart's desire, and my heart's desires often change.

I've always painted rooms in my homes a shade of beige. If you don't know by now, whenever you hear the phrase, "I painted," come out of my mouth, it really means I told Jeremy I would do it myself...and sometimes I really do intend to do it by myself. I usually tape the room (at least as high as I can reach), and I start the edging. Then I talk the best hubby in the world (who hates to paint) into "helping" me finish the room...and then he says he'll never do it again. Then we move, and he does it again.
image from Philpotts Interiors

image from Alice Lane

image from An American Homemaker

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  1. I love neutrals for their versatility too. I had our entire home painted a beige with yellow undertones when it was built in 2004. I recently had a couple rooms painted and miss the ease of decorating with beige.


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