Monday, July 25, 2011

Come Fly With Me

Stella and I have flown quite a few times together, and every time, I hope for one of two things: 1)an extra seat, or 2)to sit next to someone who doesn't hate kids. I prefer the first one.

We flew to Texas last Sunday and returned yesterday. We had our own row on the plane for three of our four legs, and then on our final leg, we sat next to the nicest man ever. Stella slept while Andy and I (my new flight buddy) had a great conversation the entire flight.

On our flight home, I had a feeling my big suitcase would be overweight, but I thought I'd take a chance with skycap in hopes that they wouldn't weigh the bag. Even if they did, I was prepared to pay the extra $25. The only problem was that they did weigh my bag, and it was overweight, and it doesn't cost $25, it costs $50.

Both suitcases were SO full, so I told them I would just pay the money. The nice lady insisted that I try to take some things out and put them in my diaper bag or purse (which were both very full as well). So, I went through both suitcases at the sky cap station to get my suitcase weight to 50 pounds. Let's just say that I now know that six pairs of jeans weigh seven pounds and can fit into a big purse if folded just right. AND, don't think that the lesson learned here is to not take as much stuff. The real lesson is to always take the biggest suitcases you never know what you'll be bringing home!

image from Fresh Fly Future

image from Restoration Hardware

image from Ashley Ann Photography via 6th Street Design School

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