Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Themed Playrooms

Did you have a playroom when you were little? I did, but it didn't last long. It had yellow shag carpet. Beautiful, bright, yellow shag carpet. (You know I think "yellow is nice.") My parents remodeled the room when I was about seven, and that was the end of the playroom. The yellow shag was replaced by a gray plush carpet, and the room was then referred to as "the gray room." Very original, right?

I'm not sure why the playroom went away, but it was probably better that way. I know you won't be surprised when I tell you this, but I liked having my toys in my own room. You see, I took very good care of my toys, and I didn't just have random dolls, I had complete sets. I had every Rainbow Bright, tons of Barbies, the complete She-Ra set including the castle(girl version of He-Man, dumb names by the way) , My Little Ponies, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and tons of other dolls and accessories. I kept them all in perfect condition. And then, when I was fifteen, I sold them all at a yard sale for a cheerleading fundraiser. I'm sure I totally got ripped off. My mom still regrets letting me do it. But, alas, they are long gone as is that yellow shag carpet. (Sigh.)
image from Job Fair Home Guides & Tips

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  1. Hey! I remember that yard sale!!!! I love the tree!

  2. Wow, beautiful playrooms you have pictured there. My kids rooms are their playrooms :)....I like to keep the chaos containted as much as possible, now that they are in school...Stopping by from SITS...

  3. I love the tree. Love it!Stopping by from SITS. Have a great weekend.


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